Smoke and Light


     I recently did a fashion shoot with a couple of lovely models from the Pittsburgh-area. I had worked with them both before, one for a Lifesized-Photoshop theme, and the other for a Fairytale Couple theme. But the theme for this shoot was a tiny bit different. I got the idea from a couple inspirational fashion photos that included smoke. I got a bunch of those colored smoke balls and was so excited to do the shoot. :)

      I was planning on doing the shoot in Pittsburgh, but found out that it’s technically illegal to use anything that has to be lit with a match in the city of Pittsburgh…so I had to find a new location. As you can see…I obviously found a new location. (Again, absolutely none of these were shot in, around, or near the city of Pittsburgh.)

     Here are a few of the first edits I have done from the shoot…


Pittsburgh Fashion PhotographyI adore these shots of Kelly. She almost looks like a porcelain doll, and I just adore the dreamy, ethereal look of the photos. (I know….I tend to lean towards that type of style in my photos, hehe.) For these photos, I hung a lace curtain on some limbs, put my off-camera flash in the limbs securely behind the lace, and my assistant Christi had one of the smoke ballls lit in a coffee cup to the left side of Kelly.
Pittsburgh Fashion Photography
Pittsburgh Fashion PhotographyThis shot above of Ali and Kelly is breathtaking, in my opinion at least. I adore how the smoke is rising around them.
Pittsburgh Fashion PhotographyI am so glad that I shot in RAW for this photoshoot. The photo above would not have turned out quite so nicely without it. (Anyone wanna see the before? I would be happy to show you!) The before photo was pretty bright and blown out, and because of shooting in RAW, and my free 30-day trial of Lightroom…which by the way, I am seriously considering buying, I was able to bring the photo back to what it is now. Isn’t she so gorgeous?
Pittsburgh Fashion Photography
Pittsburgh Fashion PhotographyI just love the photo above. I have always loved things with a vintage feel…and this photo is just so subtle and pretty.
Pittsburgh Fashion Photography

Pittsburgh Fashion Photography

Can’t wait to show you all more! If anyone would ever like to book a shoot, please feel free to contact me!

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